SAP OpenUI5 for Mobile BI and Analytics

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SAP OpenUI5 for Mobile BI and Analytics

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  • Von
  • Raquel Davis

294 Seiten, 1. Auflage , ISBN: 9783960122173



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The increased adoption of HTML5 has created the opportunity for developers to build applications that work seamlessly across multiple devices and browsers. This expert guide covers the foundations of CSS, HTML5 and jQuery, as well as a broad range of topics from design thinking, testing, optimization, security, graphs, maps and databases. All of these help you to build a seamless mobile business intelligence (SAP BI) app using HTML5, leveraging the cohesiveness of SAP OpenUI5. Explore why design thinking should sit at the core of your mobile application.

Compare and contrast using native versus web-based applications. Explore the tools available to develop mobile apps, as well as easily write HTML5 code from scratch. Learn how to create a reusable skeleton code framework that you can leverage on future projects, as well as how to build web apps using SAP OpenUI5. Explore considerations for an effective security and privacy strategy. Acquire best practices on how to test and enhance your HTML5 site by enabling compression, caching, and optimizing your images. In addition to practice exercises, this book includes free sample layout options for different mobile devices and an OpenUI5 Starter Kit. By using practical examples, tips, and screenshots, the author brings the building of mobile BI apps to life.

  • Delve into the foundations of CSS, HTML5, and jQuery
  • Learn how to build a seamless mobile BI app using SAP OpenUI5
  • Use open source library d3.js to create custom data visualizations for bar, line, and pie charts
  • Build web apps using real world scenarios and test layout options for different mobile devices