Reporting for SAP Asset Accounting

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Reporting for SAP Asset Accounting

  • Von
  • Thomas Michael

218 Seiten, 1. Auflage , ISBN: 9781494347321



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218 Seiten, 1. Auflage

ISBN: 9781494347321

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This tightly-focused guide zeroes in on the crucial reporting options available in SAP for Fixed Assets Accounting, teaching readers how to manage and supervise fixed assets with the SAP ERP Financials Asset Accounting (FI-AA) component.

Based on ECC 6.0, the author sheds light on the complete reporting solution for the Asset Accounting sub-module of SAP. You will learn about standard SAP ERP-delivered asset reports, including balance-based reports and transaction-based reports. You will also expand your knowledge of asset-specific reporting tools such as sort versions, simulation versions, currency translations, plus how to effectively use all the Asset Accounting reporting options at your disposal.

  • Basic Asset Accounting Reporting Features
  • Balance Reports
  • Transaction Reports
  • Asset History Sheet Report