Debugging SAP ABAP Code For Non Programmers

Debugging SAP ABAP Code For Non Programmers

  • Von
  • Abdul Maulud,
  • Omar Lucero



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  • Debug SAP ABAP code to identify and fix bugs by yourself !! 
  • Understand what the ABAP code does, so you understand the behaviour of a program.
  • Understand how custom ABAP code is used in SAP developments. 
  • Find and fix that SAP bug by yourself!! Nothing feels better than finding the problem/bug by yourself!
  • Produce better SAP design documents, based on your understanding of ABAP. 
  • Debugging ABAP code without having to learn how to program in ABAP. There is no „Hello World“ in this course. You will learn just a few commands and you can start debugging. 
  • Understand the structure of ABAP code and programs, and understand what a developer’s is trying to do.