SharePoint Online Basics

SharePoint Online Basics

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Learn the “swiss army knife” of business productivity from a top SharePoint consultant

Microsoft SharePoint has been called one of the most powerful tools for business collaboration. Steve Ballmer once said that SharePoint “unleashes a suite of capabilities that dramatically improves the way people work.”

But what does SharePoint actually do, and how do people and businesses actually use it? In this introductory course, SharePoint architect and Microsoft certified technical specialist, Idaho Edokpayi, demonstrates the basics of using SharePoint and SharePoint Online.

In fourteen short lessons, Idaho demonstrates how SharePoint can be used to store documents and information, build intranet websites, and securely share files.


  1. Introduction
  2. Site Creation – Communication Sites
  3. Site Creation – Team Sites
  4. Working with Documents
  5. Co-Authoring and Check Out
  6. Major Versions
  7. Minor Versions and Content Approval
  8. Document Metadata
  9. Classic Experience and Changing Views
  10. Navigation
  11. Basic Lists
  12. List Apps and Calendars
  13. Search
  14. Customization