SAP SOA Integration – Enterprise Service Monitoring

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SAP SOA Integration – Enterprise Service Monitoring

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  • Von
  • Michał Krawczyk

132 Seiten, 1. Auflage , ISBN: 9783945170106

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Many companies are still using IDOC integration scenarios for monitoring and error handling, while others are evaluating new SAP SOA integration scenarios and its tools and methods for monitoring and error handling. In this book, we will take a look at what SOA integration means and what kinds of SOA scenarios we can and need to monitor within the SAP landscape so that the business scenarios based on them can run smoothly. Walk through the tools available in SAP backend application systems for monitoring SOA scenarios and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, learn how to set up monitoring frameworks including Forward Error Handling (FEH), Error and Conflict Handler (ECH), and the SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF).

  • Tools for Monitoring SOA Scenarios
  • Forward Error Handling (FEH) and Error Conflict Handler (ECH)
  • Configuration Tips
  • SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF) Customization Best Practices