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Espresso Tutorials: Jawad Akhtar

Jawad Akhtar

Jawad Akhtar is an author of eight globally bestselling books on logistics and supply chain published by the SAP PRESS in the USA. He has also published a large number of SAP e-books and over 200 articles and ask-the-expert columns for leading global SAP websites and publishers.  

He has also published video tutorials and an e-book for Espresso Tutorials.

Jawad is a USA-educated Chemical Engineer, and has over 20 years of SAP experience in various roles including as a Solution Design/Architect Lead for Supply Chain, Head of National and International SAP Presales, Head of SAP Delivery/Execution and Head of SAP Education in SAP consulting domain. He also holds vast experience in SAP Program and Project Management, and has extensively used SAP Solution Manager and SAP Signavio tools and SAP Activate Methodology for SAP project implementations. 

Please feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or directly reach out to him at