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Espresso Tutorials: Dr. Bjarne Berg

Dr. Bjarne Berg

Dr. Bjarne Berg is the senior director of BI at COMERIT, Inc., and one of the most respected and dedicated thought leaders in the BI market. Prior to joining COMERIT, he was a senior manager at PwC’s global data warehouse group, the director of BI at VIP Consulting, and the VP of BI at COMERIT. In these positions, he managed multi-year BI and data warehouse projects for clients such as Ericsson, Chevron-Texaco, International Thomson Publishing, and International Paper. He is an internationally recognized expert in BI and analytics, a published author in international BI journals, and a frequent speaker at major BI and SAP conferences worldwide. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Appalachian State University, an MBA from East Carolina University, a doctorate in information systems from the University of Sarasota, and a second doctorate in IT from the University of North Carolina.