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Forum für SAP GTS edition for SAP HANA 2023Dienstag 26. September 2023

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Espresso Tutorials: Aušra Gustainienė

Aušra Gustainienė

Aušra Gustainienė is an independent consultant, working closely with client organizations to help them understand the implementation and transformational opportunities presented by SAP. Embracing over 20 years of progressive experience, Aušra is a proactive, dedicated, and peak-performing Senior IT leader with extensive international experience ranging from program and project management of complex SAP implementations to business transformation initiatives. Aušra is actively involved in promoting the tech industry to women and is part of the #WomenGoTech mentorship program in Lithuania, as well as the #SheLeadsTech initiative at ISACA. She actively works to help ensure gender equality in the labor market and women leadership in technology through good examples of mentorship.